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In this blog, Extreme Abilities CEO and  T8 complete paraplegic shares his view of the world from the perspective of living life in a wheelchair, paralyzed from his chest down. Follow Dries Millard and read his exclusive blog on how exactly someone who is paralyzed can be independent and active like he is.


Everyday Justifications

Justification – The action of showing something to be right or reasonable. How do you justify things? What type of justifications do you use to give merit to what you do? Or maybe the right question is what is right and what is reasonable? Right in the sense that it’s morally good, justified or acceptable; and reasonable by having sound judgment; fair and simple.

Yeah, ‘justify’ repeated itself twice within three definition checks. So how do you justify what you do on a daily basis? My original thought came from watching someone doing something that I cannot possibly justify doing. That’s always something I find astonishing, the extremely different justifications people have. How each individual conducts him/herself on a daily basis has ripples that reaches further than you can imagine. Small things we do and say everyday that over time start to define who we are and without realising it we can become unpleasant individuals and that really just lead to an unpleasant society and that’s pretty much what’s happening, few people know why they justify the things they do and say.

So how do you justify things? I justify things by how much the deed, word or thought will contribute to maintaining my personal priorities. My priorities are simple. I have three that without, I simply am not a pleasant individual, and of which coffee is one. My priorities defines what I do in order to be who I am. Since I started following this logic, my life in general has become significantly simpler. I know my priorities and I know what to do to maintain them.

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