One Chance At Life

One chance at life, sounds a lot better than yolo. Im proud to announce that I’m now a part of the OCAL Global family, bringing some extreme to the party.

Now as an OCAL ambassador part of the job is to create awareness on how to be differently abled. I’ve touched on the matter before in ‘Alternative Thinking’ and it just is a pivotal aspect of life for any person living with a disability and it is my personal goal in life to show people how to think differently about the way you conduct yourself with the challenges own to you and still keep up with the rest of the flow of things.

The main conduit I use to portray this lifestyle of being differently abled is the ocean. Surfing is a playfield leveller, if I can say it like that, it has no regard for anyone. I figured a few years back that if I can manage the ocean, the land should be a breeze. Glad I wasn’t wrong on that one! This year marks the first national Adaptive Surfing Championships in South Africa, which means a lot more differently abled people saw the alternative in my way of thinking and has adapted their own styles of being differently abled and now we are going to test our skills against one another in a contest. History in the making and it all started with a single desire – To be included. So if we all gather in contest to celebrate our victories in overcoming our daily challenges, I think everyone involved in this historical event has made the best of their One Chance at Life.

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