Its been about three years now that I haven’t been able to be a part of normal society, being stuck between hospital and the safety of my house, dealing with what now seems like a nightmare gone by. Spinal cord injury just makes me understand each time that life is precious and that we don’t always appreciate it in the way that we could.

Since the end of 2016 I endured 7 major surgeries, 4 months of hospital isolation, loss of my left kidney and I peeped through death’s door twice. I lost a lot of social and professional connections sand gained a lot of new scars and a harsh new perspective on what it means to be alive. Life goes on and people live their lives and so I’m doing the same. 

I’m glad to be alive and able to dream and live towards making my dreams reality and I have a better understanding of my place on earth and what I want to achieve with the time I have remaining, with the words of JBP in the back of my head “Do what is meaningful, not what is expedient” I find the courage to endure and to enjoy this life.


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