Our Time

If your greatest resource in life is time, how do you spend the little you have?

I like to think that what I do with my time all works towards the same goal, that ever illusive pursuit of happiness. The “pursuit” is probably not the correct word, rather the ‘choice’ of happiness. One thing I’ve learned is that time waits for no one. It’s the only certainty we have in life, we are all fleeting in the greater scheme of things. And having said that, the only thing in life we have control over is our attitude towards everything that happens to us in our time during this life. I realised that being angry or feeling sorry for myself really just gets me nowhere and waists time. It’s easy to mope, it takes no effort. But in the end it’s still a choice I make, to mope or not to mope. Time waits for no one so, no moping, it’s a waste of time. Making the conscious decision to accept the bad for what it is and to be objective about what needs to be done to solve a given problem is the hard part. If all choices where equally easy to make, everyone would be successful living in Utopia. But this is reality and the flux of life denies us that luxury. I figured that if I can manage to choose not to be negative, for too long, about setbacks in my life, my pursuit for happiness will be less challenging.

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