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Surf Events

Learn to Surf 

Extreme Abilities may be on the forefront of the Adaptive Surfing scene, but we also want everyone else who want to surf have the opportunity to connect with the ocean and ride waves.  Surf lessons on the West Coast will be hosted Dec 2021 to  January 2022 on the local Weskus beach Langstrand at Trekoskraal, which is situated between Vredenburg and Paternoster. 

Students from schools based in the Saldanhabay Municipal area are welcome to sign up for their first lessons. More information and instructions for sign up by contacting us.

Adaptive Surf Clinics

In order to reach as many people as we can with adaptive surfing, we pack our gear and boards into our modified surf and wheelchair trailer so that we can host a surf event almost anywhere, if beach accessibility is not an issue. If you have a disability or know someone who does and would like us to come to your town and show you the ropes, get in contact with us to do a collaboration event.

A lot of our focus will be placed on ocean safety and conservation. We will be visiting schools in the area to rally students to part take in beach cleanups and educate them of safety and conservation issues and how they can make a positive impact and have fun surfing while doing it.

Youth Surf Therapy

Saldanha is predominantly a fishing and industrial town. Surrounded by ocean it lends for plenty of surf opportunity. The local community has up until now been estranged to the beach and ocean life and Extreme Abilities is set on changing this by reintroducing the ocean to the youth in the form of Surf Therapy. Like many other townships and informal settlements, Saldanha faces its own social challenges with gangsterism, drug abuse and teen pregnancies on the top of the long list. Following the example of other non profit organizations locally we aim to achieve the same success in youth development through Surf Therapy in the Saldanhabay Municipal area.

Weskus Surf Club Development

Unlike Cape Town and Durban, the West Coast hosts pretty much uncharted surf spots due to the lack of basic infrastructure that leads people to safe, convenient and enjoyable surfing. This something that Extreme Abilities aims to remedy by developing the necessary surfing culture in the Saldanha bay Municipal area. Extreme Abilities has adapted a way to make surfing on the West Coast safe, enjoyable and accessible to people with disabilities and school students. We have reached a point where we can confidently start a surf club for the Weskus people. We are hosting the first sessions at Trekoskraal, Langrstand. This is a pristine beach stretching 7km, boasting uncrowded left hand point break and beach breaks for days. Perfectly sheltered from the typical West Coast winds and strong swells with Voël Island blocking the majority of the swell to create the perfect fun and forgiving wave for learning how to read and ride waves.

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