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South Africa is a country with many different cultures and a rich history. In many areas we help one another to over come our strives and challenges and one of the ways that Extreme Abilities encourage the people of South Africa is to create a platform for disabled people to experience alternative approach to wave riding. We are proud of more than a decade of pioneering and developing Adaptive Surfing (Parasurfing) in South Africa. We try to introduce it to as many disabled people as possible. Extreme Abilities is a registered non-profit company that organizes sporting events for less privileged people living with disabilities. We rely on fundraising, sponsorship and cooperation between other disability orientated organizations to operate our community events. If you feel that you can contribute to our work with the disabled community of South Africa, please feel free to contact us at any time. We appreciate any form of help!

Adaptive Surfing for people with disabilities.

Adaptive Surfing, now Parasurfing, was introduced to the disabled community of South Africa for the first time in 2011 and the first event hosted 15 disabled individuals. Every year the event grew in size to a point where numerous adaptive surf clubs has sprouted nation wide. At the moment Adaptive Surfing is in a fast paced developing stage on an international scale with the first ever World Adaptive Surfing Championships that was hosted in 2015 with 17 countries that represented. The ISA has plans well underway to include Parasurfing in the Paralympics for the 2028 games. If you are a South African resident with a disability and you surf or have surfed before your disability, please contact us for more information on adaptive surf clubs in South Africa and we will put you in contact with an adaptive surf club near you. If there is no club near you and you are as passionate about surfing like us, we will help you start your own club. 

Weskus Adaptive Surfing Club - Establishing a Surf Culture

Extreme Abilities set out in 2011 with a mission to create a platform where disabled people can gain access to the ocean and learn to surf with their disabilities. With great success, we have set a standard of adaptive surfing from which we aim to build a Weskus surf culture

Our Goals

Short term
·      Establish a surf club on the West Coast, Columbine Peninsula 
·      Teach as many individuals adaptive surf disciplines to host the first parasurf competition on the West Coast
·      Host weekly surf sessions as a stable platform to develop adaptive surfing on the West Coast 

Long term
·      Establish a platform for annual adaptive surf events on the Peninsula by 2025
·      Have a potent adaptive surf team able to represent nationally and internationally at adaptive surf competitions in 2025
·      Have a team of parasurfers that will qualify for the 2028 Paralympics 

To contribute to our goals you can make a financial donation...

Extreme Abilities is a registered article 18 A non profit organization, which means tax reclaim benefits for you and your business. If you like our work and want to be affiliated by supporting our surf sessions, contact us for details on how to become a sponsor

or by donating your old surfboards

Being at the forefront of adaptive surfing world wide, having to innovate and find new ways to surf, we need equipment that we can modify and test to the limits. A lot of beginner adaptive surfers don't have the resources to attain their own gear and equipment. Extreme Abilities serve as a platform where those less privileged can have access to adaptive surf gear. If you have old boards, surf/dive gear, we would greatly appreciate any contributions. Contact us and we will make collection arrangements.