Extreme Abilities

You're only as limited as you allow yourself to be


Promoting active and adaptive lifestyles to people living with disabilities and breaking boundaries by creating awareness on how to do things differently

 You'e only as limited as you allow yourself to be.

All about sharing stories and experiences


South Africa is a country with many different cultures and a rich history. Many of South Africa’s people comes from difficult backgrounds. In many areas we help one another to over come our strives and challenges and one of the ways that Extreme Abilities Community Works helps the people of SA is to create a platform for less fortunate and disabled people to experience alternative sports. We are proud to have pioneered Adapted Surfing in South Africa and we try to introduce it to as many disabled people as possible. Extreme Abilities Community Works is a registered non-profit company that organizes sporting events for less privileged people living with disabilities. We rely on funding, sponsorship and volunteer work to operate our community events. If you feel that you can contribute to our work with the disabled community of South Africa, please feel free to contact us at any time. We appreciate any form of help!